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Esther Moberg, MPH

With a decade of clinical and social science research experience, Esther’s overarching career goal is to contribute to the operationalization of research into real-life health policies and procedures to improve access to quality health care, especially for minority and disenfranchised populations. Esther received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, as well as a Master’s in Public Health from Thomas Jefferson University, College of Population Health. Esther is currently completing a Master’s of Science in Health Policy from Jefferson.

As the Program Manager of the PROVE Center, Esther works in collaboration with the PROVE Director and Associate Director in establishing the Center’s strategic focus, as well as in promoting and expanding the Center’s mission, vision, and objectives related to enhancing the quality of surgical care through the collection, analysis, and reporting of patient-reported data. Esther is also responsible for the management and execution of the Center’s clinical and research initiatives.




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