Archived Summer School: Session 1 – Introduction to PRO measurement

In this first session, Dr. Pusic will kick off our PROMs Summer School Series with a brief overview of the weeks to come and give us an outline of what PROMs are and why they are important for research and caring for patients.  Next, Dr. Sidey-Gibbons will introduce modern psychometric methodologies used to create rigorous tools to assess intangible health-related phenomena such as quality of life, satisfaction, and psychological function. The talk introduces foundational concepts such as reliability and validity and summarizes cutting-edge techniques including item response theory and computerized adaptive testing

Dr. Pusic is the Director of the PROVE Center, the Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and a Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. She is a leader in the field of patient-reported outcomes with over 300 publications on this topic. Her research involves developing and implementing tools to access outcomes from the patient perspective.

Dr. Sidey-Gibbons is Associate Professor and Deputy Chair at the MD Anderson Department of Symptom Research and Director of the MD Anderson Center for INSPiRED Cancer Care. His research is concerned with the development and implementation of tools to collect, analyze, and predict patient-reported outcomes. He is Director of Health Assessment and Innovation at the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Center where he teaches courses on modern psychometrics, programming, and data science.