PROMs Research LaunchPad

The PROVE Center PROMs Research LaunchPad is a consultant service to help clinicians and researchers seeking support for PROM-related research projects.

Current LaunchPad Projects

Head and Neck Cancer

Dr. Laura Goguen

Pancreatic Surgery

Dr. George Molina

Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Jon Wee

Endocrine Surgery

Dr. Alex Moore


Dr. Michael Wu

Post-operative Pain

Dr. Kristin Schreiber

If you are interested in initiating a PROMs Research LaunchPad project, please fill out the form below

Please include as many details as you can, including details about the study sample, whether the project is for implementation or research, outcomes of interest, mode of data collection and preferred start date, etc.

If you would like to share any information related to your proposed project that is relevant for us to review please email BWH PROVE Center

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