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Evolutions in the Meaning of “Validity” for Measures in Health Care Research: From Accuracy to Argument

Since the 1970s, the field of health measurement has been informed by methodological developments in educational and psychological measurement. In this talk I will discuss how validity theory has changed over the past 4 decades in education and psychology, how these changes have or have not been reflected in the field of health measurement, and how modern validity theory may address current struggles within health measurement.

Kevin Weinfurt, Ph.D., is the James B. Duke Professor and Vice Chair of Research in the Department of Population Health Sciences at Duke University Medical Center and a faculty member of the Duke Clinical Research Institute.  Dr. Weinfurt is also a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, and a Faculty Associate of the Trent Center for the Study of Medical Humanities and Bioethics. Dr. Weinfurt co-directs the Center for Health Measurement in the Duke University School of Medicine. Currently, Dr. Weinfurt is working part-time as a Special Governmental Employee with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the Office of Biostatistics, developing guidance for the Patient-Focused Drug Development initiative. Dr. Weinfurt received his PhD in psychology at Georgetown University and did graduate work in the history of science and philosophy of mind at Linacre College, Oxford. Dr. Weinfurt conducts research on measuring patient-reported outcomes, research ethics, and the psychology of medical decision making.

Past Seminars

The Value of Context in Patient-Reported Outcomes Research and Clinical Care Applications

Over the past 10 years, there has been a considerable increase in use of Patient-Reported Outcomes to both inform individual cancer patient care and better …

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October 2022- Design and Implementation of Individualized, PRO-based, Decision Reports with Predictive Analytics

Osteoarthritis affects almost two-thirds of aging adults. When knee or hip osteoarthritis pain limits daily activities, patients and clinicians must decide if joint arthroplasty surgery …

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September 2022-The PRO Potential in Improving Patient Care: Making the World Smaller and Ideas Bigger

The presentation will focus on the process of translating and adapting a PROM from one language to another, and how doing this in a systematic …

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June 2022 – Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement in Diverse Populations- Novel Methods For Equitable People-Centered Health Measurement

It is widely recognized that health inequities are associated with poor health outcomes. Yet, methods of measuring patient-reported outcomes (PROs) often do not take measurement …

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May 2022 – Is a PRO VALUE-able, When and How?

Dr. Feng Xie is a health economist whose research centers around economic evaluations conducted alongside clinical trials and based on models in the context of health …

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