Monthly PROVE Seminars

Please join the PROVE Center for our February Seminar on Monday, February 26th at 12:00 pm (ET). Use the zoom link below to join or please scan the QR code on the bottom right of the poster:

Latest Seminar

Value-Based Healthcare Delivery and The Role of Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement (PROMs): A Journey From Health Economics to Outcomes and Back Again

Dr. Cizik will use her 20-year research trajectory and her background in PROMs and health economics and outcomes Research to help us understand how PROMs can be used to deliver and measure value-based surgical care.

Dr. Amy Cizik is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Utah and Adjunct Assistant Professor in Population Health Sciences. Specializing in value-based healthcare with a background in health economics and outcomes research, her primary research interest is to help surgeons and patients use patient-reported outcome measures to fully inform value-based, patient-centered, preference-based surgical treatment decisions to best preserve health care resources utilization for society. By incorporating patient reported outcome measures (PROMs), methods of risk prediction, and utility preference elicitation, into EMR-based decision supports Dr. Cizik hopes to improve outcomes, value, and safety in surgical care.

Past Seminars

September 2022-The PRO Potential in Improving Patient Care: Making the World Smaller and Ideas Bigger

The presentation will focus on the process of translating and adapting a PROM from one language to another, and how doing this in a systematic ...
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June 2022 – Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement in Diverse Populations- Novel Methods For Equitable People-Centered Health Measurement

It is widely recognized that health inequities are associated with poor health outcomes. Yet, methods of measuring patient-reported outcomes (PROs) often do not take measurement ...
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May 2022 – Is a PRO VALUE-able, When and How?

Dr. Feng Xie is a health economist whose research centers around economic evaluations conducted alongside clinical trials and based on models in the context of health ...
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April 2022 – Hearing the Patient’s Voice: Meaningfully Implementing Patient-reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

Despite a significant increase in PROMs-related academic output, systematic implementation of PROMs in the clinical setting is lacking. This talk will review the obstacles to ...
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March 2022 – Patient-Reported Outcomes: Engaging Stakeholders and Users. The PROTEUS Consortium and the Quality of PROs in Clinical Practice

The talk will briefly review challenges and opportunities for evaluating PROs both in clinical trials settings and clinical practice settings.  It will then describe the ...
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