SEMINAR: June 2022 – Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement in Diverse Populations- Novel Methods For Equitable People-Centered Health Measurement

It is widely recognized that health inequities are associated with poor health outcomes. Yet, methods of measuring patient-reported outcomes (PROs) often do not take measurement implications of individual differences in social determinants of health (SDOH) into account. Ignoring individual differences in how people interpret and respond to questions for measuring their health status could lead to measurement biases that reinforce inequities by hiding or misrepresenting health outcomes of diverse people. This talk will introduce equitable people-centred health measurement methods for measuring perspectives of diverse people regarding their own health outcomes.

 Dr. Richard Sawatzky‘s Canada Research Chair in Person-Centered Outcomes involves projects that focus on: a) Methodological research to improve equitable measurements of health and quality of life, b) Mixed-methods clinical research to integrate quality of life assessments and person-centered digital health solutions, and c) Knowledge synthesis and translation to support use of person-centered outcome measures in healthcare (