SEMINAR: The Poetry of PROse: 9 Axioms for Using Patient-Reported Outcomes

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are increasingly used in practice as well as research. Nine evidence-based axioms will be presented that will enable the clinician to use PROs to detect and treat symptom-based disorders and functional impairment similar to the way physical measures and laboratory tests inform the management of medical conditions. Additionally, 4 psychometric C’s (control, commitment, challenge, and confidence) that are salient to the use of PROs will be discussed.

Dr. Kurt Kroenke is a past President of the Society of General Internal Medicine from which he received the 2018 Glaser Award for lifetime achievement. He is also a past President of the Association for Clinical Research Training which honored him with its Distinguish Educator Award. His research focuses on physical and psychological symptoms in medical patients including pain, depression, and anxiety.