Archived Summer School: The Missing Voices- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in PRO Research

This panel of physicians and researchers will discuss several aspects of ID&E in PRO research. Dr. Ortega will cover language equity and Dr. Calvert will discuss ethical considerations. Dr. Jackson will share information on equitable enterprise-wide PRO data and Dr. Long Azad will discuss accessibility considerations.

Chao L. Azad, MD, MPH- Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Johns Hopkins Medicine, University of Maryland

Gezzer Ortega, MD, MPH- Asst. Professor, Surgery

Innovation for Equitable Surgical Care, Center for Surgery and Public Health

BWH Adj. Faculty, PROVE Center

Nadine Jackson, MD, MPH- Asso. Professor, Harvard Medical School

Medical Director, DFCI Patient Reported Data

Medical Oncologist, DFCI Gastrointestinal Cancer Center

Leader, DFCI Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Clinical Trial Access Committee

Melanie Calvert, PhD- Professor, Outcomes Methodology, NIHR Senior Investigator

Director, Centre for Patient Reported Outcomes Research

Director, Birmingham Health Partners Centre for Regulatory Science and Innovation