We Are: Amanda Higgins, MPH

Amanda joined our team in April 2022 as our Project Manager with a deep medical and public health background. Having received both her Bachelor of Science and Master’s in Public Health degrees, she has both real-world experiences and the education to help lead our team expand patient voice in research and clinical care. She primarily works on imPROVE, our patient-facing breast cancer care platform, and is involved in many of the day-to-day projects in other aspects of our work. Previously, she worked at our partner cancer hospital, Dana-Farber, in breast oncology and new patient operations where she led several process improvement initiatives during COVID-19.  Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her cat, reading, listening to music, and trying new restaurants and experiences. She moved to Boston from Florida about 5 years ago and loves to explore the city and surrounding towns, planning to call New England her forever home.