We Are: Dany Thorpe Huerta, MBI, AB

As an informatician, Dany Thorpe Huerta supports all IS (information systems) at PROVE. Examples of how she contributes to projects include data collection,  analysis and database building.  Her current research activities focus on the intersection of health and data sciences, especially within the scope of community and public health. Prior to earning her master’s at Harvard Medical School (HMS), she worked at HMS’s clinical/translational research center while completing her bioinformatics graduate certificate at the Harvard Extension School. Previous projects include database design and building and research analysis in neonate metabolomics (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center); as well as analysis on the relationship between geospatial access to COVID-19 testing sites and county death rates and Twitter analyses on health institution public engagement with Black and social justice issues and on public response to COVID-19 public health mandates within Massachusetts (Boston Children’s Hospital Computational Health Informatics Program). With this experience, she contributes to PROVE’s mission to expand the collection, analysis, and utilization of PROMs . Personally, Dany enjoys spending as much time as possible adventuring outdoors, reading, and/or textile crafting.