Archived Summer School: Session 5- PROs in Clinical Research

Dr. Edelen is the Associate Director of the PROVE Center. Her area of expertise in psychometric methodology and health policy research with a special emphasis on PROs. She has made significant contributions to the broad goal of applying psychometric methods, especially item response theory (IRT), traditionally utilized in educational testing, to the development, evaluation, and refinement of PROs.

Dr. Mou is a Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Fellow at Emory University. He received his undergraduate degree in biochemistry at Harvard College and his medical degree at Emory University. During his research tour, he was a Harvard Medical School Scholar in Quality and Safety and a Torchiana Fellow in Healthcare Health Policy and Management. He also obtained an MPH degree in Health Management from the Harvard School of Public Health.

In this talk, Dr. Edelen will provide a roadmap for integrating PRO measurement into clinical research. She will highlight critical study design questions such as how to define patient population, how to select the most appropriate PROMs, and how to identify the best timepoints and approaches for PRO assessment. Dr. Mou will provide examples from his Brigham BODY-Q study and discuss differences in PROs based on surgical technique and QOL trajectory.