Archived Summer School: The Power of PROMs in Clinical Research

In this first session, Dr Pusic will kick off our PROMs Summer School Series with a brief overview of the weeks to come and give us an outline of what PROMs are and why they are important for research and caring for patients. Next, Dr. Edelen will provide a roadmap for integrating PRO measurement into clinical research. She will highlight critical study design questions such as how to define patient population, how to select the most appropriate PROMs, and how to identify the best timepoints and approaches for PRO assessment.

Andrea Pusic, MD, MHS

Director, PROVE Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Chief, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery BWH
Professor, Harvard Medical School
Medical Director, MGB PROMS

Maria Edelen, PHD

Asso. Director, PROVE Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Asso. Professor, Harvard Medical Schoo