SEMINAR: February 2022 – Data Visualization – Consider the Purpose and Audience

This presentation will highlight how different data visualizations can be used to gain insights into PRO data. At the same time discussing when and when not to use certain data visualization techniques based on the audiences and what it is you wish to communicate.

Dr. Bellinda King-Kallimanis has worked in patient-focused research for the past 17 years. Her background in statistics and measurement provides a solid foundation for working with patients and caregivers to design research studies that aim to connect the patient voice with healthcare professionals, regulators, policymakers, and developers of drugs to ensure that their voices are heard and incorporated into decisions. Prior to joining LUNGevity as Director of Patient-Focused Research, she worked at the US Food and Drug Administration in the Oncology Center of Excellence on the Patient-Focused Drug Development team. There, Dr. King-Kallimanis worked on the development and launch of Project Patient Voice, a resource for patients and caregivers along with their healthcare providers to look at patient-reported symptom data collected from cancer clinical trials. She received her Bachelor of Social Science and her Master of Science in applied statistics from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, and her PhD in psychometrics from the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands